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    Whole Protein Lite Vegan is an easy-to-mix functional food for vegans, individuals sensitive or allergic to
    soy and/or dairy, or anyone seeking an alternative source of quality protein. Whole Protein Lite Vegan
    features Vegan Protein Blend, an all-natural rice and pea protein blend.*

    Clinical Applications

    • Supports Healthy Body Composition*
    • Supports Immune Health*
    • Supports Post-Exercise Recovery*
    • Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism*
    • Supports Gastrointestinal Health*
    • Contributes to Macro-Nutrition*
    Vegan Protein Blend is Whole Family Healthcare’s proprietary blend of pea protein isolate and rice protein concentrate, L-glutamine, glycine, and taurine. Also added is Aminogen™—a patented, natural, plant-derived enzyme system clinically proven to increase protein digestibility and amino acid absorption.[1] Its action boosts nitrogen retention, aids in the synthesis of muscle mass and strength, and promotes deep muscle recovery.*

    The non-genetically modified (non-GMO), highly digestible pea protein isolate in Vegan Protein Blend is naturally obtained by simple water extraction, keeping all the nutritional qualities intact. Its 90% protein content features a well-balanced amino acid profile, including a high content of lysine, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids to help maintain lean body mass and reduce body fat.[2] Pea protein has the highest lysine concentration (7.2%) of all vegetable-based proteins and the highest arginine concentration (8.7%) among all commercially available proteins. The combination of pea protein and rice protein achieves an amino acid score of 100%.*

    Fructose Free Whole Protein Lite Vegan contains evaporated cane juice and stevia in place of fructose. Animal and human research suggests that consuming fructose-containing beverages increases visceral adiposity.*[3,4] Glutamine, crucial in nitrogen metabolism, is important for replenishing amino acid stores, especially after exercise or stress.[5] This amino acid aids in intestinal cell proliferation, thereby preserving gut barrier function and intestinal health.* Glycine, an inhibitory (calming) neurotransmitter, is vital as a constituent of collagen and a building block for other substances, such as coenzyme-A, nucleic acids, creatine phosphate, purines, bile, and other amino acids.* Taurine, a derivative of sulfur-containing cysteine, has many healthful clinical applications, including the support of stable cell membranes, cardiovascular health, glucose tolerance, detoxification, and bile salt synthesis.*[6]

    Fiber Blend (inulin from non-GMO chicory, beta glucans, oat fiber, and corn bran) Whole Protein Lite Vegan provides 6 g of fiber per serving. These fibers favorably affect serum lipids, healthy intestinal flora, the formation of short-chain fatty acids, and glucose tolerance. [7] Beta glucans and lignins impact the binding of bile acids and support the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.[8] Beta glucans may also offset stress to the immune system caused by intense exercise.*[9]

    Satisfaction: An Added Benefit of Increasing Protein Intake Signals that originate from the gut—in response to mechanical (gastric distention) and chemical changes that occur after the ingestion of food—let us know when we’ve had enough to eat. Among the macronutrients in food, proteins have been identified as having the greatest impact in this regard. Thus, the effect of consuming highprotein foods has been observed not only to yield a strong feeling of satisfaction immediately after intake but also to support a lower food intake during a subsequent meal.*[10]

    It is possible that not all proteins afford the same degree of satiety. A study on human and rat duodenal biopsies demonstrated that exposure
    to pea protein resulted in the release of the greatest amount of cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon-like peptide 1.[11] These gastrointestinal hormones modulate appetite sensations.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size 2 Scoops

    Calories  140  Calories from Fat 25

    Total Fat 3g    5%

    Saturated Fat 1g   5%

    Sodium  330mg  14%

    Potassium 350mg  10%

    Total Carbohydrate  14g  5%

    Dietary Fiber   5g   20%

    Sugars 6g

    Protein 17g   34%

    Calcium 2%

    Iron 25%

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    Return Policy

    Return Policy

    Whole Family Healthcare takes our commitment to quality very seriously and we go to great lengths to ensure that we only carry the highest quality products. We do not resell returned items—so our customers can be confident that every product purchased from us has been kept under the proper conditions at all times.

    Occasionally a product may not meet expectations. Most products are eligible for a return credit within 30 days; however, heat sensitive products, perishable and special order items are not eligible for return credit. To be credited for a return, please call 407 644-2990 ext3458 for a return authorization number; please note, the customer is responsible for any return shipping cost. All returns (excluding those that are due to an error on Whole Family Healthcare’s part) are subject to a 25% returns processing fee due to the fact we do not resell product.

    Damaged Packages

    If you receive a package that has been damaged, save the original box and all its contents and call us immediately with the invoice number. We will make every effort to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

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